Healthcare Fraud Settlement

The DOJ announced a False Claims Act settlement last month.

In the settlement agreement, the U.S. government, Florida, and various relators claim Physician Partners of America(PPOA)

Dr. Rodolfo Gari, who runs or indirectly owns numerous other firms, and Dr. Abraham Rivera, the medical director, committed FCA violations.

PPOA hasn't admitted any of the settlement's allegations.

Unlike previous settlement agreements, this one does not specify how the settlement funds apply to the FCA allegation involving the PPP loan application.

In the past, borrowers had to reimburse the SBA for processing fees and loan balances.

This settlement agreement states that the government and the numerous relators haven't agreed on each relator's share of the recovery.

Despite the settlement agreement's typical release language, two of the relator's claims against a non-party entity are reserved.

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