Guaranteed income in New York

Under the Guaranteed Income Programme in Ithaca, New York, residents will get $450 a month for a year.

The payments are targeted at caretakers.

The privately-funded initiative helps low-income carers (including parents) offset food, housing, medical expenditures, and emergencies.

The Ithaca Voice reports that 400 to 600 people applied for the programme in January.

To qualify, you must live in Ithaca, New York. The family's 2021 income must be below 80% of the area's median.

A caregiver is an adult who devotes "considerable unpaid time" to a disabled or aged kid. The city claimed this might be at or away from home.

People caring for their parents or parents caring for a child are examples. It includes spouses, guardians, neighbours, friends, and more.

Administrative problems delayed the program's commencement this year. The prepaid debit card payments will begin in June.

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