Google Doodle Celebrates Amanda Aldridge

lack In honour of British composer, teacher, and operatic soprano Amanda Aldridge, Google has released a new Doodle today

It is common for Google Doodles to modify the Google logo to feature a historical figure or a noteworthy occasion on a particular day

Friday, June 17's Google Doodle shows Aldridge with two treble clefs on either side of his face

As a well-known composer of parlour music and hundreds of instrumental albums, Aldridge is represented here

The date of her birth is tenth of March 1866

As described by Google, Aldridge was a role model who shown "musical prowess at an early age."

Ira Aldridge, an African-American actor and opera singer, has a daughter named Amanda

To the best of the internet's recollection, Aldridge continued to write music well into her eighties, composing love ballads, Brazilian sambas, and symphonic works

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