Gasoline Prices in the United States Reach New Highs

Across the country, the average price of regular unleaded gasoline has increased to its all-time high

The average price in the United States is the highest since AAA began tracking prices

The average was $4.11 a month ago and $2.97 a year ago

On Tuesday, the average price per gallon of diesel, which fuels many of the trucks that transport commodities throughout the country, was $5.55

The diesel mark was $5.04 a month ago and $3.11 a year ago

"Liquid fuels have become liquid gold, with gasoline and diesel prices skyrocketing out of control with little influence."

"Increasingly, Russian oil remains off the market, squeezing supply as demand rises ahead of the summer driving season

Fuel prices have little, if any, good news heading into the summer

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