FTSE 100 companies report £100bn pension surplus

The pension excess of FTSE 100 companies has risen to above £100bn, a new research says (LCP)

62% of FTSE 350 sponsors with a 31 December year-end had a pension surplus in 2021

Almost everyone (94%) saw their pensions get better over the course of the year.

These 89 corporations went from a £1bn deficit in 2020 to a £32bn surplus in 2021.

By May 19, 2022, the total surplus of £32 billion reported at the end of 2021 is expected to have grown to £58 billion

Most of the time, the funding goals set with pension trustees are more difficult

Caps on inflation-linked pension hikes could help several systems this year

The average amount of money contributed to the deficit went up from £15.3 million to £16.0 million

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