Florida Student Loan Forgiveness

According to The Institute for College Access & Success(TICAS), nearly half of Florida college graduates have debt.

And luckily for some, the Sunshine State has options for getting rid of student loans.

The Florida Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program pays $4,000 each year for four years. If eligible, borrowers can get $16,000 in forgiveness.

LRAP is run by the Florida Bar Foundation and lends up to $5,000 per individual per year. Recipients must pay down student debt to have the loan erased.

PSLF is a popular student loan forgiveness programme. It's only accessible for federal student loan borrowers who work full-time for a qualified government firm or nonprofit.

Teachers who work full-time for five years at a low-income school or agency may qualify for loan forgiveness through the Department of Education.

National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Loan Repayment Program forgives loans for eligible healthcare personnel. To qualify, you must have worked two years full-time .

There are federal IDR plans with these programmes, payback is dependent on a proportion of your discretionary income and household size (10-20%).

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