First Batch Of $850 Stimulus Check

Gov. Janet Mills will send 5,000 $850 relief payments to Maine residents on Thursday, followed by 200,000 checks per week.

A potential shortage of envelopes threatened to postpone the distribution of the checks, but Mills' office said authorities obtained what they needed and expect checks by mid-July.

Treasurer Henry Beck: "I know Maine families are feeling the squeeze of increasing costs, and Legislature is offering one of the strongest relief plans in the country to help them."

The relief scheme will repay $729.3 million of Maine's budget excess via $850 cheques. This sum should average $1,700 per household .

The budget also improves income tax exemptions for retiree pensions, gives property tax relief for senior Mainers, low-income tenants and homeowners, and helps child care employees.

The initiative includes $20 million to pay two years of community college for qualifying high school graduates between 2020 and 2023 and $60 million to address PFAS pollution.

Full-time Maine residents must file a tax return to receive a payout. 

Those who haven't submitted their 2021 Maine income tax return have until October 31, 2022 to do so. This website lets residents track their check.

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