Father Of The Bride 2022 Review

A wise man once told me that funerals bring out the best in people while weddings bring out the worst

Awkward interactions with folks we've never met before who suddenly become part of our family are a given in these situations

Weddings might be stressful, but they're almost guaranteed to be the subject of an enjoyable and relevant film

Edward Streeter's witty novel about the social chaos, astounding expense, guest list conflicts, and bittersweet feelings has been made into a third feature film

There's a reason the title makes it apparent that the spotlight is on the father

The focus on two distinct Latino cultures in this reimagining is an added bonus. Father of the Bride flicks starring Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin were about WASP households

In this edition, we get to see some of the same issues that we witnessed in the previous films

It is possible to find some relevant comedy in the upselling and wedding planning industries (Martin Short was a highlight of the Steve Martin version as Franck)

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