Fairlife Coca-Cola to pay $21 million

Fairlife, Coca-Cola, and other defendants agreed to pay $21 million to settle mistreatment charges.

Consumers who bought Fairlife or Fair Oak Farms milk before April 27, 2022, are eligible.

The settlement covers dairy products from Fairlife and Fair Oak Farms.

Fair Oak Farms, Coca-Cola, and other companies falsely claim their milk comes from humanely treated cows.

Fairlife mistreats cows and lies to customers, despite marketing claims. Class action plaintiffs accuse Fairlife of "horrific animal abuse."

Fairlife allegedly lies to consumers and creates an ethical marketing facade to charge higher prices.

Fairlife, Fair Oak Farms, Fairlife's parent company, The Coca-Cola Co., and other defendants haven't admitted wrongdoing but have agreed to a $21 million settlement.

Under the provisions of the agreement, class members can receive a cash payout depending on their purchases of Fairlife products.

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