Elon Musk Opens Door To A Tesla Talent Exodus

Elon Musk needs to reduce one in ten positions at Tesla. Some may already have their eye on the exit.

Tesla's CEO said he has a "very awful feeling" about the U.S. economy in an internal email viewed by Reuters.

Tesla employees earn stock rewards and lower cash pay than tech colleagues.

Musk's return-to-work ultimatum may have 100,000 employees pondering their alternatives.

Musk threatened to dismiss anyone who didn't work 40 hours a week, a stark contrast to Big Tech's flexibility.

Tesla stock plunged 9% after Reuters disclosed his staff cut proposal and Twitter claimed Musk's acquisition cleared U.S. antitrust clearance.

"Tesla is kicking off its own local Great Resignation," said Stanford economics professor Nicholas Bloom

Tesla declined to comment. Some tech companies jumped on the opportunity.

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