Edmonds School Awards $164,700 Scholarships 

The Foundation for Edmonds School District has granted $164,700

The Edmonds School District Foundation offered $164,700 in postsecondary scholarships to 59 graduating seniors

All in all, the foundation offered 76 donor-funded scholarships to students who plan to pursue a vocational, two- or four-year certificate or degree next autumn

Bumgarner Family Trust Scholarship winner Josephine MacGowan has been awarded $6,000 this year

Kevin Gonzalez has been granted the four-year, $5,000 in-state scholarship

The Gaynelle Burdette Derr Memorial Scholarship goes to Ritika Khanal, while the Keith Ewing Memorial Scholarship goes to Meiri Asfha

Athlete Scholars, a partnership between Edmonds School District and the Edmonds School District, awarded 16 students with awards ranging from $1,000 to $3,000

This year's scholarships include several in memory of family members and Edmonds School District workers

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