Eating particular seafood can reverse your aging 

Sea creatures as dietary supplements According to a new study, Ascidiacea reverses some indications of ageing.

Raw sea squirts are used in Korean and Japanese dishes. These aquatic creatures contain crucial plasmalogens.

Plasmalogens are found in the heart, brain, and immune cells, but their amount declines with age. 

Adding plasmalogens to older mice's food slowed ageing. Supplements boosted mice's learning and health.

Plasmalogens enhance chemicals that help brain cell growth and development. Plasmalogens may boost neuroregeneration.

Plasmalogens influence intestinal bacteria. The relationship between gut and brain microbes promotes neurodegeneration. 

Oral plasmalogens could improve older people's cognitive performance.

A tablet to keep you young may not be that ridiculous if it contains sea squirts.

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