Earned Income Tax Credit Oregon

Oregonians who got earned income tax credits should get the one-time pandemic funds

If you claimed an earned income tax credit on your 2020 Oregon taxes, check your bank account or mailbox soon

Lower-income Oregon residents that got a tax credit in 2020 will shortly receive $600 via direct transfer or cheque

Oregon's Department of Revenue anticipates 236,287 families will get payments in a week

Oregon lawmakers passed House Bill 4157 to pay up the money by July 2022

To qualify for the credit, taxpayers must meet specific income requirements

A family with two children would need an annual income of no more than $53,860

The Oregon legislature approved the expenditure of pandemic aid funds authorised by Congress in 2021

HB 4157 passed the Oregon House on March 2 by a majority of 42-16 and the Senate by a vote of 23-2

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