Dutch Electric Aircraft $3.6 Million Funding

The company's objective of producing a 44-seat electric aircraft by 2028 will be aided by the financing

Funding for the development of Maeve Aerospace's electric aircraft has been raised to €3.4 million ($3.6 million)

A private investment on a totally electric aircraft, this is one of the largest ever made

The Netherlands-based firm, formerly known as Venturi Aviation, recently unveiled its new identity and objective to enable 100% sustainable regional air transport

Maeve Aerospace is creating the Maeve 01, a 44-seat electric aircraft with a maximum range of 550 kilometres (340 miles)

Maeve 01 would be the world's first commercially viable all-electric commuter aircraft when it debuts in the sky in 2028

In January, the business filed plans for the aircraft, and this substantial investment implies that the company may now begin building its first prototypes

One option to minimise CO2 emissions is to use electric planes instead of planes powered by regular aviation fuel

Gas Price To Reach 5Per Gallon June17

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