Donald Trump's Secret Method for Quickly Acquiring Millions of Dollars

The fact that Donald Trump knows how to run a business is only one of his numerous accomplishments

Trump may not be the brightest bean in the pod, but he certainly knows how to create wealth out of thin air

Trump possessed liquid assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars

Trump is no longer one of the world's wealthiest individuals, placing merely among the Forbes 400 richest Americans

Due to the fact that he only needs roughly $500 million to return to the major leagues, he has likely climbed quite a few spots on that list

The former president of the United States did not hesitate to publish his memoirs, titled "Our Journey Together."

Since its release in late November, "Our Journey Together" has sold more than $20 million in fewer than two months

Trump's book was reasonably priced, ranging from $75 for a standard copy to $230 for a copy signed by him

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