Chocolate Disaster: 2 People Fall Into Chocolate Tank

M&M Mars' chocolate tragedy.  2 persons were accidentally trapped in a chocolate manufacturing vat and required a "jaws of life" rescue.

What sounds like a "Willy Wonka" event happened Thursday at an M&M Mars plant in Lancaster County, PA, near Hershey.

Unknown how the 2 persons fell in, but authorities had to cut a hole in the tank to bring them out.

The first victim was reportedly recovered at 3:10 p.m, followed by the second victim 15 minutes later.

No information yet on whether the vat was full or empty when the victims descended.

Yes, they are still victims despite the possibility that they were swimming in chocolate.

According to reports, both individuals were alive when rescued by police officers.

The factory is well-known for making lots of sweet things, like M&Ms and Dove chocolate.

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