Child Tax Credit 2022

In good news for low-income families in the US, a tool to claim Child Tax Credit payments is reopening.

In 2021, couples making less than $150,000 or singles making less than $75,000 might claim the entire $3,600 Child Tax Credit.

Many families might claim $1,800. The IRS based eligibility on the applicant's 2019 or 2020 tax returns. 

In 2021, the IRS and GetCTC introduced two products in conjunction with the White House and Code for America. 

It's free and doesn't require tax documentation. Eligible families must complete out an online form to claim money through GetCTC.

There are exceptions. One is if the IRS lowered or denied your Child Tax Credit and you haven't filed Form 8862 subsequently.

Others include filing Form 8832 to claim a non-resident kid and not claiming children for the child tax credit this year but receiving early payments in 2021.

If you acquired or sold cryptocurrencies in 2021 or made more than $12,500, you're ineligible.

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