Stimulus Checks Better Than Fuel Vouchers 

The administration believes a second federally financed stimulus initiative will help the public more than fuel vouchers.

A fuel voucher scheme will just aid motorists, but the stimulus programme is for every taxpayer and their dependents

The stimulus programme helps our community with rising prices.

Gov. Ralph DLG Torres said he's spoken with Atalig and Commonwealth Utilities Corporation Executive Director Gary Camacho about oil price rises and CNMI energy costs.

If there's a fuel-related initiative, it will go to CUC so everyone in the CNMI can benefit.

Mobil Oil Marianas raised normal gas prices to $6.41 from $6.26, premium gas prices to $6.86 from $6.71 and diesel cost $7.08 per gallon.

Saudi Arabia boosted prices for its crude shipments in July, signifying limited supplies even after OPEC+ agreed to expand output over the next two months.

Oil companies are taking advantage of the good times.

Is there a $1400 Stimulus Check Coming? 
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