CEOs predict what's next for markets after the tech market rout.

Top CEOs and investors say the recent sell-off in global tech stocks is unlikely to cause a broader market crisis.

The Nasdaq 100 index is down 26% year-to-date. After the Fed raised interest rates this month, tech companies lost $1 trillion in three trading sessions.

Tech and growth stocks have been hit hard by the prospect of higher rates as the Fed and other central banks tighten monetary policy to rein in inflation.

Some commentators fear a tech-driven crash similar to the 1999/2000 "dotcom bubble" bursting. High-growth tech stocks were overvalued at the market peak in late 2021.

UBS CEO Ralph Hamers told CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Monday that the underlying business models are true business models for now and the future.

As rising rates force tech companies to become profitable faster, some analysts say sentiment is at its worst since the dotcom bubble. However, long-term opportunities still exist for investors.

The Fed will keep raising rates until inflation is healthy. Its hawkish pivot amid sharp global price increases contributed to tech stock exodus.

Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser said Monday at Davos that the U.S. sell-off has been "remarkably orderly" despite sharp declines so far this year.

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