Biden proposes an Indo-Pacific trade alternative to counter China.

Unwilling to pursue unpopular U.S. trade deals, President Biden on Monday unveiled a new Indo-Pacific economic agreement.

Biden will announce the initial participants in his Indo-Pacific Economic Framework in Tokyo. 

The framework aims to deepen economic engagement and cooperation in the region and counter China's growing economic and military influence.

Supply chains, digital trade, clean energy, and anticorruption are emphasised in the pact.

The Obama administration hoped to assert U.S. leadership in the region through the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Former President Trump withdrew from the pact before it was ratified and ended multilateral trade agreements.

Biden administration officials say trade deals are hard to sell domestically.

Without access to the huge American market, the IPEF is attractive to other countries as a way to keep the U.S. active in the region until traditional trade agreements change, experts say.

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