Biden cancels $5.8 billion student loan

The Biden administration stated Wednesday that Corinthian Colleges students will have their federal loans automatically terminated. 

Anyone who attended the now-defunct chain from 1995 to 2015 will have their federal student loan forgiven.

It's the largest single loan discharge in Education Department history, wiping off $5.8 billion for 560,000 students.

Every Corinthian Colleges victim can rest guaranteed that the Biden-Harris Administration will discharge their federal student loans.

Corinthian misled students into increasing debt to pay for promises they never kept.

This is a huge victory for the tens of thousands of borrowers Corinthian Colleges duped and exploited.

They never stopped battling during three administrations for the legal justice they deserve.

This is a spark of hope for thousands of students in a similar situation who have been awaiting similar outcomes.

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