Beyoncé Announces New Album 'Renaissance'

Beyoncé Knowles-new Carter's album, Renaissance, will be released on July 29.

Beyoncé's audience, the Beyhive, theorised the removal of her social media avatars on June 9 signified a new 2022 release.

Beyoncé has reshaped pop stardom as one of the most powerful, attention-commanding artists in music.

TIDAL and Spotify promoted the release on social media. The new album's details are unknown.

NPR Music writer Kiana Fitzgerald called Beyoncé "the hardest-working entertainer alive"

"The title 'pop star' doesn't fit anymore: Bey has weaved together an entirely new matrix of celebrity." 

Beyoncé opened the 2022 Oscars with a neon-clad rendition of "Be Alive" from King Richard, which won her maiden Oscar nomination.

Across her extensive career, Beyoncé has maintained her position as one of the most powerful performers in music.

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