Americans have just hours left to claim up to $1,000 summer check

In New Mexico, families with one or more dependents can get up to $1,000 in economic aid, while other households can get up to $500

New Mexicans who don't file a tax return can still qualify for a relief payment, said Stephanie Schardin Clarke, tax secretary

In May, paper checks were sent to more than 550,000 taxpayers

These tax refunds are worth $250 or $500 and will continue to be sent out this month and in August

In July, payments of about $18.1 million will be made to eligible people who did not file taxes

About 4.3 million people in Indiana have started getting their tax rebates, which will keep coming until mid-summer

They are worth $125 for singles and $250 for couples who are eligible

Also, workers in Massachusetts who are eligible will get $500 bonus checks this month.

Us Inflation Quickens To 40 Year High

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