Amber Heard receives a "marriage proposal" from a Saudi man on Instagram.

A Saudi Arabian man approached Amber Heard on Instagram and proposed to her

Amber lost a slander action against her ex-husband Johnny Depp on Wednesday

The man even sent Amber a voice message on Instagram and compared himself to "old man" Johnny Depp

Now, a Saudi Arabian man has proposed to marry Amber after she lost the case

In the Network voice recording, the man can be heard saying,

"Since all doors are closing on you, Amber, you have no one to care for you besides me

You are a blessing, yet few people recognise this. I am superior to that elderly man

One Saudi man is eager to marry Amber Heard, who must pay Johnny Depp enormous damages

She filed for divorce and secured a restraining order against the Oscar-nominated actor on May 23, 2016

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