A Nasa Rover Just Found Trash On Mars

While seeking for clues of past microbial Martian life, NASA's Perseverance rover recently detected landing trash stuck in a jagged rock.

The space agency used it to shelter the Perseverance spacecraft from severe temperatures as it descended through Mars' atmosphere.

NASA's Perseverance rover tweeted on Wednesday that it has found a piece of a thermal blanket that may have originated from its rocket-powered descent stage.

How the foil-like debris got to Mars' Jezero Crater, 1.2 miles from where the "rocket-powered jet pack" landed, remains a mystery.

2021 Perseverance landed on Mars. The spacecraft carrying the rover dropped a thermal shield, supersonic parachute, and rocket-powered sky crane on its way down.

The car-sized robot has already stumbled over its lost parachute, so it's hardly unexpected it hit more debris.

Perseverance has little time to admire garbage. As it investigates a dried-up river delta in the Jezero Crater, it has now reached the peak of its mission. 

NASA's planetary experts think that this area was filled with water approximately 3 billion years ago.

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