A Federal Energy Rebate Of $100 Per Month Proposed

Democrats have suggested three bills to lower gas prices. The most notable suggestion is direct gas price transfers to Americans.

One of the three measures sends $100 to citizens when petrol prices top $4 per gallon. Also, couples would get $200 and each dependant $100.

Democrats Mike Thompson, John Larson, and Lauren Underwood have put forward the bills.

Thompson claimed the proposals would reduce Americans' financial burden due to Russia's "illegal invasion of Ukraine."

Second bill would tax "excessive" oil company profits. The money raised would be refunded to US households.

The third bill taxes oil firms and gives quarterly rebates to US taxpayers. In a news release, Democrats predicted that single taxpayers earning over $75,000 would get $240.

Oil and energy businesses fear Democrat-backed bills won't help with rising gas costs.

The president of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers said a new tax would raise manufacturing prices. He said this would increase inflation and provide consumers little respite.

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