9th June Daily Horoscope Predictions

Mars in your sign boosts your vitality and helps you pursue goals. You'll get recognised and get toward your goals practically without trying today.

It's good to feel sorry for a depressed person, but they probably only have themselves to blame. You may help, but they must also make an effort.

You like to stand out and will today. Popularity may bring you unwanted attention, but that's the price of fame.

Only by offering others a piece of the profits can you acquire what you want today. If you keep what you gain, you'll get nothing.

Anyone who believes you're too kind to complain about work doesn't know you well. You'll make a fuss today, and it may become a storm.

Your family worries will persist until you figure out why loved ones are so hard to reach. Your words? Probably, so apologising might help.

Life is becoming better by the day, hour, and minute, but you're afraid it's too good to be true and something will soon break your bubble. Negative thinking must end.

Act tough, even if you don't feel tough, to solve professional, family, or financial problems. Between now and the end of the week, Scorpios must be harsh.

Others turn on you to lead them in the correct direction. You may not want the responsibility, but you must lead now.

The following 24 hours will inspire you to put others' needs before your own so they don't suffer needlessly. You're nice.

If you're unsure how to handle someone who's let you down, consider yourself in their shoes. If you've been in their shoes, you could be less critical.

You may fight with someone whose life philosophy differs from yours in the next 24 hours, but it's no big issue. 

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