9 Absolute Worst Foods For Digestion

Chocolate has plentiful levels of caffeine and oils, while ice cream comprises milk and animal fats

Onion and garlic contain antiviral and antibacterial qualities and are helpful for the immune system, but they're hard to digest.

Fried foods take the longest to digest. Fried meat portions, like a kebab, digest in three days.

Citric acid in juices and fruits irritates the stomach and increases body acidity, producing acid reflux and heartburn.

Protein-rich beans. More: Oligosaccharides absorb slowly and produce gas.

Vegetables are full of fiber which, as you may know, cannot be fully digested by humans.

Spicy meals irritate the stomach, so the body works harder to neutralise them.

They contain dangerous fats, which cause stomach issues and lead to obesity and heart problems. 

Sugar-free products removed natural sugar, replacing it with xylitol, sorbitol, and maltitol

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