$500 Stimulus Check Set For Missourians

Missouri lawmakers have set aside $500 million in general revenue for a tax credit. The $49 billion budget includes government pandemic relief money.

Individual tax filers will receive up to $500, while married couples would receive up to $1,000.

Individual Missourians must earn less than $150,000 and married couples $300,000. Up to $500 will be refunded for every $1 in taxes paid.

The bill is part of a package that would govern Missouri's 2023 expenditures. Gov. Mike Parson has signed one bill in 2022. He must sign new laws by July 1.

To keep the tax credit idea under $500 million, the Senate set income limitations and prorated Missouri rebates.

Smith's plan would have authorised $1 billion in rebate spending, compared to $500 million in the Senate, before the state could prorate the payments.

The Senate raised starting teacher pay to $38,000, one of Parson's budget priorities for next year.

The legislature financed a litany of infrastructure projects, including $411 million for water infrastructure and lead pipe remediation and $250 million for broadband.

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