$500 payments to low income workers

Massachusetts citizens will receive stimulus cheques today. The cheques are part of COVID-19 Essential Employee Premium Pay.

More than 300,000 residents will receive $500 cheques for the second time this year.

The Baker Administration is using American Rescue Plan money to reward workers who kept working during the outbreak.

To qualify for this second payment, you must be a Massachusetts resident who worked and filed a 2021 tax return. 

A single person who filed had to make less than $39,000. For a family of four, that number goes up to $79,500.

The Baker Administration said that anyone who got the first check can't get this one.

Rogers said with plenty of jobs and low unemployment, he doesn't expect another round of stimulus money to pass 

He stated it's tough even if you're employed. Even if you have a job, your income might increase up 4 or 5%, which sounds fantastic, but inflation is 8.5 % and you're not making any progress

Stimulus Checks Release Date 2022
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