$400 check for car owners

California predicts another budget surplus, allowing the state to ease increasing living costs. A $18.1 billion inflation relief package includes efforts to lower California's transportation costs.

Car owners might get $400 gas checks under a Democrat-Republican agreement.

Republicans wanted a gas tax vacation for the state with the highest tax, which will jump to 53.9 cents per gallon in July.

Newsom proposed pausing the diesel fuel sales tax for a year. Public transit users could get three months of free travel through a state grant programme.

The $11.5 billion $400 gas check system is the most expensive part of his plan for Golden Staters. Car owners can get up to two checks per person. 

The California Blueprint, the Governor's $300.7 billion programme to pave "the California Way ahead to wealth and growth for all," 

A proposal would provide $2.7 billion to low-income tenants. Last year's utility relief programme will receive an additional $1.2 billion for electricity and $200 million for water.

Middle-class households will get Covered California premium aid. Newsom proposed a $3,852 person subsidy and a $7,400 family subsidy.

The Governor's budget allocates $933 million to award healthcare personnel up to $1,500 for saving thousands of lives during the covid-19 pandemic.

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