2 Ships Found In Spain $17 Billion Gold

Two shipwrecks were discovered near a famous Spanish galleon sunk by the British in 1708.

The San José was a 62-gun, three-masted galleon lost by the British in 1708 in the War of Spanish Succession before being recovered in 2015 filled with gold and treasures worth $17 billion.

Two other ships have been found nearby, with hi-tech equipment Colombian naval officials examined the San José and find historical items including a gold ingot and the crews' swords.

The footage shows the bow of one of the ships, which is well-preserved despite marine life.Images beside a cannon reveal gold coins on the sand. 

Authorities say the two new watercraft are a colonial boat and a schooner from around the time Colombia gained independence from Spain in 1810.

It was carrying one of the greatest quantities of riches ever lost at sea, and new footage shows close-up shots of its immense haul.

Colombia now has equipment that can reach the depths and have the best photographs while conserving the wealth on the seafloor. 

The Colombian Navy planned, prepared, and executed four surveillance campaigns to process information and check the wreck's status. 

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