Up To $1,000 Rebates Available For Americans

Homeowners and business owners who install security cameras will receive a financial benefit.

A new city initiative in Chicago provides qualifying participants with up to $1,000 in refunds.

The Chicago Police Department reported over 800 crimes in 2021. City officials approved $5.3million for the Home and Business Protection Program (HBPP).

HBPP will refund the price of outside security cameras, one year of cloud video storage, Motion-sensor outdoor lights, Subscriptions and GPS trackers

Chicagoans should apply. Businesses, religious, and non-profit organisations can join, buy equipment, and get reimbursed.

To qualify , The applicant must own a Chicago residence, business, religious institution, or nonprofit organisation, or own  Chicago-registered car. Proof of purchase must be provided.

Anyone who qualifies can get up to $225 per camera, Cloud-based video storage subscriptions cost $150 per year and Up to $50 per car GPS tracking device.

Each eligible applicant will be compensated within 90 days of approval.Rebates are by check.

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