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Fateful copyright removals become fraudulent, hit small videos

'A series of copyright removals' had been subjected Saucepan The community since late last week, removed music videos hosted on YouTube. While This type...

Invaders hack Elden Ring players’ saves on PC • Eurogamer.net

These exploits will cause a crash which will then trap players in infinite death rings. Elden Ring players are advised to stop playing online after...

Epic donates two weeks of Fortnite proceeds to Ukraine relief

new season It is an electronic game It is launched today, and Developer Epic will donate all proceeds from the first two weeks to...

SGDQ 2022 will be an in-person event running from 26th June to 3rd July

For the past two years, the Done Quick Summer Games charity marathon, as well as sister show Awesome Games Done Quick, have been held...

There is a tricky wall in the Elden Ring that requires 50 hits • Eurogamer.net

"The fact that this type of wall ever exists... is concerning." If you've been wandering the lands in between, confident that you've managed to hit...

Mac Studio disassembly indicates that SSD storage can be upgradable, and more

the first Mac studios in the wildAnd, as always, the first takedowns are making their way onto the web. Most notably so far, Max...

Overwatch 2 closed beta starts April 26th on PC only

Last week, Blizzard Revealed plans to start Monitor 2 Beta testing closed in April And I tried to open the door to user registrations,...


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