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TechStreet Fighter 5 Final Update with Big Credit Tweaks...

Street Fighter 5 Final Update with Big Credit Tweaks for March 29th Release


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Street Fighter 5’s “ultimate update” was announced on March 29, a week from next Tuesday. According to Street Fighter 5 Season 5 roadmap, this upcoming update is set to contain the game’s final installment of major balancing changes.

Capcom has released a trailer showing the sneak peak of what will be changed in the upcoming patch. The trailer runs for about three and a half minutes, so there’s actually quite a bit of info to unpack from the show.

According to Capcom, this update will bring significant changes to the balance, cel shader filter, pixel filter, new sports colors and Cap-Jams blending in-game. This will obviously be a very subtle update.

Based on what is shown in the trailer, the combo paths for several characters are greatly expanded. For example, improvements for Ryu were shown in two separate parts of the clip.

In one scene, it is revealed that Ryu will be able to dash forward fast after a fireball while V-Trigger 1 is active. It will now be possible to combine EX dragon punch even in the middle of the screen.

Another part of the video showed how Ryu’s V-Skill 2 was improved. If Ryu was able to successfully take on an opponent with V-Skill 2, he would be able to cause a wall to bounce. Combined with nullification in one of his V-Triggers, Ryu can deal a lot of additional damage.

As for the other characters, some moves that don’t have EX skins in them now. Minute’s Soul Spark now has an EX version that holds the crystal ball in place. This means that Minat can activate the EX Soul Spark multiple times while maneuvering.

Ibuki’s Kasumigake, its own driving dash and special driving dash, also gained the EX variant. When used, EX Kasumigake will mostly behave like the Heavy Edition (jump command), but will also infect opponents on the way up.

Based on what’s shown in the trailer, it looks like the characters’ average power level will go up a bit when the update starts. It seems that even the higher levels have access to the extended combo ways.

As for the shader and pixel filters, it was noted in the trailer that these features are for offline use only. These features will not be accessible in online modes.

Check out everything that will be released on March 29, 2022 in the clip below:

Get ready for Street Fighter V’s final update, available on March 29th that includes:

⚖️ New Battle Scale Update
???? Cell Shading Filter
???? pixel filter
???? New Sports Colors
???? CAP-JAMS Remixes In-Game#Street Fighter #SFV pic.twitter.com/VYG1LZcjUj

Street Fighter March 18, 2022

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