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Kim Kardashian Revealed Why Kanye Is Not Talking To Her!!

On October 9, 2021, Kanye West had a stormy night. Kim Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live on that date, kissing Pete Davidson for the first time and slamming Kanye West in a no-holds-barred monologue in which she ripped into the rapper. Kardashian alleged on Thursday’s episode of The Kardashians that West “walked out mid-monologue” on Saturday Night Live six months ago.

Kanye West stopped Talking To Kim Kardashian After SNL Monologue Jokes

According to Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian told Khloé Kardashian about West’s anger by saying, “she hasn’t talked to him since.” In response to my use of the word divorced, he expressed displeasure and requested that she state that she had filed for divorce instead. In addition, he took exception to the fact that she referred to him as a rapper in the first place. “The word” is an abbreviation for “This rapper scares the living daylights out of me.” Chris Redd played West in a sketch titled “The People’s Court,” however, he did not appear on the show due to the drawing.

Kim Kardashian’s speech on a recent episode of The Kardashians was interrupted by Kanye West, who departed the scene just as she began to speak. When Kim revealed what Kanye was outraged about in her opening statement, she overheard talking with Khloe Kardashian. Kim started to Khloe in the fifth episode of the show that “he wishes I had used the word “filed” when referring to the divorce.” In addition, he took exception to the fact that she referred to him as a rapper in the first place. She responded by saying, “You don’t know who she is, and you have no idea who she is. More than a rapper, I’m an artist.” 

When Kim joked about Kanye West during her Saturday Night Live monologue, she said, she’d say it’s an understatement to say that she married a legend. Aside from that, he is the wealthiest African-American in the entire United States of America. He was a bright, true genius who blessed me with four beautiful children. Also emphasized in the confessional was Kim’s intention not to damage anyone with her speech but rather to be “fun and games” to entertain the audience.

While hosting Saturday Night Live, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appeared to be calling time on their once-happy marriage. According to Kim, Kanye was so upset following the live concert that she explained it on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on Monday. 

It was decided that the two would no longer speak after Kim’s opening address joke regarding Kanye was made. The following is what Kim stated of her husband: “I married the best rapper of all time.” Furthermore, he is the wealthiest Black American in the world. He was a bright, true genius who blessed me with four beautiful children. My divorce from him was straightforward because “his personality” was the only thing that mattered.

In the May 5 episode of The Kardashians, Kim expressed her dissatisfaction with Kanye’s reaction to her monologue, which she felt was inappropriate. According to Kim, his exit from Saturday Night Live occurred “around halfway through his monologue,” according to Kim. “She hasn’t had any contact with him since then.” 

He wasn’t disturbed by the “personality” joke, but Kim explained what it was that indeed got to his nerves. ‘The reason she ‘divorced’ him,’ she stated. “Kim went into detail. This is the term “divorced.” “As a result, he believes it would have been better if she had used the phrase “filed for divorce.” He was also enraged at the time. As previously said, he is also a rapper. He can’t believe you called me a rapper, he said, since he is so much more than that.” “He declared emphatically.

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