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How Many Kids Did Aretha Franklin Have, Her Networth, Career, And How Did She Die?

Aretha Franklin’s children carry on her legacy by pursuing their musical careers. How many children Aretha Franklin has, who they are, and what they’re up to these days. Aretha Franklin was recognized for her powerful voice, and her renditions of “Amazing Grace,” “I Say a Little Prayer,” and “Respect” could bring anybody to tears. But it turns out that she also gave her children some fundamental musical skills. She has four boys, all of whom work in the entertainment industry and have achieved great success in their own right.

About The Story Of Aretha Franklin’s Death

Aretha Franklin supported her sons’ talents throughout her life and even had them perform alongside her on several occasions. Her grandkids continue her tradition with their musical careers, demonstrating that talent runs in the family. Let’s look at how her incredibly gifted offspring carry on her musical legacy.

We were all stunned to learn about Aretha’s untimely death. The artist canceled shows in 2010 after deciding to have surgery for an unknown malignancy. Aretha denied that she was being treated for pancreatic cancer.

Athena Franklin’s Net Worth

Athena Franklin is a singer, songwriter, and producer most known for her collaborations with Brand Nubian and Jocelyn Brown. The soul Queen’s net worth is approximately £47 million, thanks to her illustrious musical career.

Aretha Franklin’s Son Clarence Is Her Mini-Me

Aretha Franklin is a musical icon, and her son Clarence Franklin inherited some of her skills. According to People, Aretha’s youngest kid, born in 1955, was named after her father. David Ritz, her biographer, said that her son had musical abilities similar to his mother’s — and that he even created some songs that his mother later recorded! Clarence also has a striking resemblance to his mother. Aretha Franklin’s followers agreed when she uploaded a photo of herself on Facebook in 2011, “I look like my son Clarence!”

Edward Franklin- The Silent Singer, Son to Timothy Franklin & Missie Jordan

Timothy Franklin and Missie Jordan had Edward Franklin in 1957. Edward Jordan, his father, was his name (the man who would later become his stepfather). Edward Franklin, like his mother, is a gospel singer who has recorded several songs with her and even sang at her funeral in 2018.

Teddy Richards: Aretha Franklin’s Son On How She Inspired His Career

Teddy Richards, Aretha Franklin’s third son, grew raised in Detroit, Michigan, and he has a highly successful career outside of his mother’s name. Teddy Richards, the son of Aretha Franklin and Ted White, was born in 1964. Teddy Richards is Ted White Jr.’s professional name.

Kecalf Franklin, Retired Christian Rapper

Former Christian rapper Kecalf Cunningham Franklin was born in 1970 and has worked with his mother on several occasions. On one occasion, he even performed at Radio City Music Hall! Since he was a child, music has been a lifelong love for Kecalf. His father had lately purchased an electronic piano and was looking forward to learning how to play it. Kecalf’s father made him perform the songs he had learned earlier when home from school. Kecalf was so used to playing the electronic piano that it was second nature to him.


Aretha Franklin’s four sons are all gifted musicians in their own right. Aretha Franklin would be pleased with their distinctive vocals and performances, and Aretha Franklin’s grandchildren have inherited the same musical talent. Aretha Franklin had eight children in all, all of whom are following in her footsteps, demonstrating that her legacy goes on through them.

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